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Study shows benefits of plant-based diet for Asthma

According to the experts, around eight million people in Germany suffer from Asthma. The chronic lung disease in which the Airways are chronically inflamed, cannot be cured, but is generally good with medicines to treat. The right diet can help those Affected.

Asthma is usually treated with anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory drugs. In addition, the body can help physical exercise and different breathing techniques for the relief of the disease. It is also important proper nutrition is, how the professionals are now reporting.

Good control with medication

Asthma symptoms include wheezing, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, Tight feeling in the chest or coughing.

As the lung information service at the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Munich explains, the disease in most patients, thanks to modern medicines as well to control asthma attacks and discomfort occur only occasionally.

Can also help the right diet.

Plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grain products, and legumes

Recently, it was published in the journal “Nutrition Reviews” a new scientific review article from the American “physicians Committee for responsible medicine” (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), the relationships between diet and Asthma, and summarizes the current state of research Together.

The consumer explained Central South Tyrol, in a communication to can fruits a predominantly plant-based diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, and legumes and to develop a little bit of milk and other animal products for both children and adults, the likelihood of Asthma, and also the Severity of symptoms of existing Asthma-reduce disease.

In the case of persons with Asthma, the pulmonary function, the use of drugs could be reduced essere, therefore, by such a diet.

Less dairy products and animal foods

Conversely, children who consume plenty of dairy products would develop, with a higher probability of an Asthma disease than those who consume little of it.

The information suggests that a high intake of fat and saturated fatty acids and a low intake of dietary fiber promoting substances in the case of existing Asthma, respiratory inflammation tract and worsen lung function.

“The recommendations of the medical Committee are, therefore, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit and eat plenty of whole-grain products and to reduce the consumption of milk and other animal products,” explained Silke Raffeiner, nutrition expert of the consumer advice centre of South Tyrol.

“A plant stressed diet has anti-inflammatory effects, dietary fiber can affect the immune system indirectly (via a change in the intestinal flora) is positive, and different secondary plant substances have probably a protective effect.” (ad)