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5 of the best running trainers to see you through lockdown

Lockdown 2 is here and we all know that means running is back on the cards. Getting the right shoes is essential to keeping on course, so lace up with one of these. 

When it comes to running trainers, there’s a lot to think about. Every brand has multiple different trainers, each offering something slightly different, with a promise to help you run faster and further than ever before.

It’s a minefield, but getting the right shoes is essential if you want to avoid injury and keep the running habit up. For newbies, a gait test is advised so that you can work out your running style and buy a shoe accordingly, but there are ways you can shop online to find the right trainers. 

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“There are certain buzzwords, like springy and responsive that you’ll hear thrown around. But ultimately, if that shoe is not comfortable on your foot and doesn’t hold your foot well, then you’re not going to want to keep running,” says Emma Kirk Odunubi, running expert and self-confessed trainer geek. 

Unlike a gym trainer, you want a running shoe to be cushioned and springy to absorb some shock from the high-impact sport. “Look for a nice hold around the ankle and middle of the foot – you want it to feel like a firm handshake. You also need it to be free enough for your toes to wiggle around, but not so much so that you’re almost swimming in the shoe,” Emma adds. 

Remember: every foot is personal, here are some favourites we recommend you try. 

  • ASICS Dynablast

    ASICS Dynablast

    Part of ASICS’ new Strong collection (which is a name we like very much), these are made from fewer layers of material than other trainers, resulting in a comfortable and light shoe. Springy softness is designed for a trampoline-like feel – and it delivers with super easy bounce. 

    Shop ASICS Dynablast trainers, £110


  • Nike React Infinity Flyknit

    Nike React Infinity Flyknit

    This new variation of Nike’s Flyknit provides support for the three phases of your step – flexibility at toe-off, smooth movement through the middle and cushioning for when you land. This all helps to reduce injuries as you run by over 50% compared to other Nike trainers during a 12-week running programme. 

    Shop Nike React Infinity Flyknit trainers, £139.95


  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

    Brooks Adrenaline

    The big selling point of these running shoes is the GuideRails – embedded support that reduces excess movement through the foot and ankle to protect your knees. The stacked cushioning also provides spring as you push from the heel for speed and comfort. 

    Shop Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 trainers, £120


  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

    Under Armour Fresh Foam 1080v10

    Coming in a variety of widths and half sizes so you can find your perfect fit, the latest version of Fresh Foam comes with a softer sole for an energetic rebound. The upper material provides stretch as well as stability, too, so you can run with controlled movement.  

    Shop New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10, £135


  • Adidas Ultraboost 20

    Adidas Ultraboost 20

    These are a bestseller for a reason: lightweight yet snug, comfortably cushioned and with a responsive feel. They’re even made from upcycled ocean plastic.

    Shop Adidas Ultraboost 20, £159.95


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