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The One Bag Absolutely Every Busy Woman Needs to Have, Yesterday

As a woman with a three-hour round-trip commute and two children under the age of five, there’s a lot in my life that fails to meet any kind of glamour quotient. But Dagne Dover, she gets me. Just because I need to schlep 500 things from here to there and everywhere does not mean I don’t care about style or staying on trend. I’m a mom, but I’m still a human, breathing air and buying things, though mostly for my kids. (Hint hint potential gift-givers.)

So needless to say, when I received the news that Dagne just released a special holiday collection, I jumped at the chance to explore. Over the summer (remember when it was warm?) I had the great fortune of testing out Dagne Dover’s Landon Carryall Duffle Bag ($185; in the oceanic Sea Mist shade (a seasonal hue that’s only available in the summer). I was nothing short of #blessed to be able to put this bag to use—it’s stylish and holds pretty much my entire life. Things I can store in the large Landon Carryall without losing: laptop, charger, iPhone, charger, diapers, toilet training seat, change of baby clothes, a diaper-changing pad, baby wipes, three water bottles, a large wallet, an inhaler, Altoids, sunglasses, hand lotion, sunblock for every body part, and more—there is literally a compartment for EVERY.THING.

To buy: Dagne Dover Large Landon Carryall, $185; and

There are five bags in the newly-released 2019 Holiday Collection: a fanny pack, a small backpack, and my beloved Landon Carryall bag in three sizes. The collection is a departure from the soft shades of summer—the Siren red color is certainly festive and bold—and the bags are made of corduroy rather than the classic neoprene, which is fun to touch and evokes a furrier winter vibe.

I once again tested the Landon Carryall—this time in medium—and I was surprised to find that, compared to the large bag, all the same storage as was still there! Despite going down a size, the things I can fit into the medium Landon Carryall include: a 13-inch laptop, an iPhone, a water bottle, a 305-page hardcover book, a large wallet, a palm-sized wristlet, an extremely large bottle of Advil, hand sanitizer, lip balm, hand-moisturizer, and a large-and-in-charge sweater poncho for my freezing cold office. One thing to note: Dagne bags are only hand-washable so they do need to be treated with care—be mindful of anything liquid in or around this precious gem.To buy: Dagne Dover Medium Landon Carryall, $155;

The bag is easy to wear over my shoulder, and I can also hold it on my forearm like a proper handbag for when I have to dress up for work. What I love about the medium-sized Carryall in particular is that it can do double duty as a work bag and a gym bag without feeling bulky or looking dumpy.

The way I feel about the Carryall is how I imagine my husband feels about pick-up trucks and loaded SUVs—the room, the style, the statement! But really, this bag has many pockets as my mind has anxieties (where the hell is my phone!?), which helps me breathe a little easier and probably adds a good 10 minutes back to my life because I don’t have to search for anything. Your phone has its own side pocket—on the outside of the bag where you need it—there’s a hook just for your keys, a bag inside the bag for shoes, a zip pouch for those things you want to access quickly but also keep protected, and a sleeve for pretty much everything else—tablet or laptop, books, folders, drinks. Whatever it is, it has a home.

To put it simply, every working mother and busy woman who’s constantly on-the-go needs to have this bag, yesterday. The Landon Carryall comes in five different sizes, from extra small to extra large, and 11 colors ranging from soft and muted to dark and bold, so there’s a style for everyone. This is the kind of bag almost any woman would be happy to receive this holiday season—I, for one, will be sharing this link with my husband.

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