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Recycling and Consumer Preference: Quotes From TerraCycle’s Tom Szaky

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TerraCycle founder and chief executive officer Tom Szaky walked beauty executives through modernized recycling and reuse initiatives at PCPC, including the company's new Loop program, which allows for containers to be washed and reused. Here are key points from his talk:
" not going to pay more for a product if there's recycled content, but they will prefer it."
"Consumers like but will not do anything more to get it, they're not going to sacrifice convenience, they're not going to sacrifice price, and they're not going to sacrifice performance — but if those three things are the same, they will choose it."
"It needs to be feeling as much like a throwaway system as absolutely possible. It needs to feel disposable, but act reusable. So when you're done, no cleaning, no sorting, throw it away like garbage and it's picked up except instead of going to landfill or recycling, it goes to reuse."
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